We deliver quality representation to our clients. We know how to fight when necessary, but we also try to find a resolution to keep our clients’ costs down. We believe in bringing exceptional customer service to the legal field, which is unheard of. You will never feel like you are a problem for us. If you want to talk to your attorney, you will always be able to schedule an appointment to speak with them. It may seem simple, but our competitors don’t do this. Grounded in a mission of helping others through difficult times, the Law Offices of Sean Musgrove provides our clients with legal advice to put them clients in the best position. Whether it be child custody, support orders, or the division of property, we help our clients find a legal path that leads to happiness, success, and a fruitful life.


At the Law Offices of Sean Musgrove, attorneys work in teams and collaborate with each other to serve you. We look at your case, determine which of our attorneys is best for it, and assign your case to them. Each attorney has their own strengths, and we leverage them to serve you best.

If you have a preference to work with one attorney over another, you will always be able to stick with that attorney.