Before you divorce, try counseling like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are reportedly doing!

ben-affleck-jennifer-garner Having had hundreds of clients come to me for divorce, the one question I almost always ask is “Are you sure counseling can’t work.”

While this may be bad for my bottom line as a divorce attorney, I want my clients to make sure that this final option is the right option for them. Divorce is complicated. Child custody and visitation, support issues, and property divisions can lead to years of fighting in some cases. I understand that some situations are so bad that divorce is the almost only option. This is especially true in cases where there is domestic violence and serial infidelity.

But in other cases, where the married couple just don’t like each other, counseling is not a bad option. The worst that you can say is that we tried, it did not help, and we divorced.

If you get to that point, make sure you find an attorney who has experience in the matters that are before you. I do not recommend filing for divorce without an attorney. I highly recommend having it done right from the start.

Here’s the link to the Affleck/Garner Marriage Counseling story! Let’s wish them the best of luck!