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Sean Musgrove

Sean Musgrove had a fifteen-year career at a Fortune 500 company. Dissatisfied with his career, Sean Musgrove started law school while working full-time with a young family at home. After graduating from McGeorge School of Law and passing the California State Bar Exam, Sean Musgrove opened an office on his own.

His early career gave him simultaneous experience in civil litigation, family law/divorce, and criminal law cases.  Sean has worked tirelessly to make sure no matter what area of law he was dealing with, he was providing the very best representation.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Sean Musgrove learned how to argue in Court, giving him thousands of hours of Court time in a few short years. From cases that dealt with “benign” charges of being drunk in public to representing those serving life sentences, Sean Musgrove learned how to represent Clients when it meant the most and the stakes were the highest.

As a family law/divorce lawyer, Sean Musgrove worked with individuals who were in need of representation. He represented clients who had a wide variety of family law related issues, including, but not limited to, getting “divorced” so they could remarry, child custody, child move-away cases, guardianship cases, child support cases, spousal and alimony cases, obtaining domestic violence orders, fighting domestic violence orders, and dividing marital property.

As a civil litigation attorney, Sean Musgrove learned how a case is prosecuted from beginning to end. He learned when to settle a case, when not to settle a case, how to litigate in the law and motion arena, and how to prepare for trial.

All three areas, although unique, together gave Sean Musgrove his skills at litigating. His career at the Fortune 500 company also gave him skills in both customer service and running an organized business.

In 2013, Sean Musgrove stopped representing criminals in parole cases because he wanted a change of direction.

He began focusing primarily on Family Law and started being selective with the civil cases that he took. Today, if Sean takes a civil litigation case, it means that he is committed to maximizing the value to his clients and providing the proper service to his clients.

Sam Stamas

Sam Stamas is of counsel to the Law Office of Sean Musgrove. Sam Stamas went to law school with Sean Musgrove at McGeorge School of Law. Before working with Sean Musgrove, Sam Stamas worked at a litigation defense firm, and brings a unique perspective to litigating. When Sam Stamas is not working on civil cases with the Law Office of Sean Musgrove, he works for Stamas Corporation as general counsel. From there, he negotiates agreements with banking institutions, and deals with land development, real property, and ADA issues. Sam Stamas is an active participant at his church and his local community.

Nicholas Musgrove

Nicholas Musgrove joined the Law Office of Sean Musgrove in 2015 after passing the California State Bar.  While going to law school, Nicholas Musgrove worked for Alameda County Sheriff’s Department and had 100% legal and physical custody of his two girls. While working for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, he developed procedures and training in the evictions unit at the courthouse. Nicholas Musgrove is meticulous as an attorney and is excellent at both research and courtroom preparation.

Ken Stanton

Kenneth Stanton joined the Law Offices of Sean Musgrove in 2019 where he currently works in our family law and civil litigation departments. Ken had known he wanted to be an attorney since he was a junior in high school. After graduating from high school, Ken served his country in the United States Marines where he earned the rank of Sergeant. He also learned many of the leadership, management, public speaking, and other skills that have proven invaluable in and out of the courtroom.

After spending eight years in the Marine Corps, Ken attended college full time at night while working during the day. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (with honors) in 2011. Ken continued to work full time as he went to law school at Lincoln Law School in Sacramento California. Ken graduated from law school with a degree of Juris Doctor in 2015 and earned an award for perfect attendance throughout all four years of his studies. While attending law school, Ken also earned his Master of Science in Legal studies from Kaplan University with a 4.0-grade point average.

Prior to working for the Law Offices of Sean Musgrove, Ken was an Assistant Public Defender in Placer County. Ken also has prior experience working in civil litigation, workers’ compensation, and family law.

Bar Admissions:
State Bar of California
Northern District of California
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Support Staff

Jim Ferreri is the office manager for the Law Office of Sean Musgrove. He has been with the Law Office of Sean Musgrove since 2013. Jim previously worked at Gap Corporation, the popular clothing company, running the computer servers for their global network. Jim Ferreri has helped the Law Office of Sean Musgrove establish procedures and policies that ensure each client gets the service needed for the successful prosecution of each case.

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