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El Dorado County Divorce Attorney

El Dorado County Divorce Attorney

El Dorado County (El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Etc) Divorce and Family Law Attorney

In El Dorado County, there are two Courtrooms primarily assigned to family law.

One Court serves the West side of the Sierra Nevada slopes. That Court is located at 495 Main Street in Placerville.

A second Court serves the east side of El Dorado County. That Court is located at 1354 Johnson Blvd #2, South Lake Tahoe.

Both Courts are small and accessible. Parking at the Placerville Courthouse is somewhat limited, so get there early to secure your spot unless you plan on walking far. This is normally fine, but in the winter, it can be very cold and there may be snow or ice on the sidewalk.

If for some reason there is a legal conflict between you and the judge assigned to your case, you may be forced to travel to the other courthouse.

If child custody is in dispute, you will go to mediation with a mediator. If the parties cannot come to an agreement with the mediator, that mediator will make recommendations to the Court. Some counties allow for attorneys to draft input letters to the mediator. El Dorado County does not follow this practice. If you have been served with a Request for Order for custody, it is important to file a response. Why? So the mediator can read your side of the case and can review the evidence which you are submitting to the Court.

Something else that is unique about El Dorado County is that some request for orders are automatically set for an evidentiary hearing. Some examples of this are requests for domestic violence orders and adult child support. If you are not sure what type of hearing will be held for your request for orders, you may need to find out before the hearing. If you are not adequately prepared for you hearing, you may not be successful in Court and there could be financial penalties such as sanctions for frivolous actions.

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