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Child Support

We fight to make your life better… in the area of child support.

By hiring the Law Office of Sean Musgrove for your child support attorney, you are starting off on the right foot. The experience of the Law Office of Sean Musgrove makes sure you are in the best financial picture – whether you are paying or receiving support. We will fight to show the Court what the correct amount is based on your unique personal situation. Whether the other parent of your child is being unreasonable, or you have had a change of financial circumstances, we will fight to make your life better financially.

Here are some general concepts that may be important to your child support case. Call us for a free telephone consultation if you have any questions on child support.

California Family Code section 4053(a) states “A parent’s first and principal obligation is to support his or her minor children according to the parent’s circumstances and station in life”

This means that If you have a child, you may likely have to support the child in the form of paying money to the other parent.

The three basic factors that go into child support are the following:

  1. The percentage of time spent with the child.
  2. How much money you make.
  3. How much money the other parent makes.

What if I can’t afford child support?

There are some hardship deductions allowed, however, the Court generally does not care if you cannot make your other financial obligations because of your child support.

It is important to start off right and make sure the Court considers everything regarding your income and time spent with the child. What is your real income? Whether a business owner, independent contractor, or an employee who works a lot of overtime, it is important you put the right evidence in front of the judge for them to consider what you should be paying or receiving.

Hiring the right attorney for child support issues can save you tens of thousands of dollars in your child’s lifetime.

How long will I have to pay child support?

Child support can continue until your child becomes an adult. In California, your obligation to pay support continues until the child becomes 18 years old.  However, your support order may continue until your child is 19, if the child is unmarried and has not graduated high school.  There are circumstances where support may be ordered beyond this time, such as if your child is disabled and unable to support themselves.

Is child support tax deductible?

No, child support is not normally tax deductible as of September of 2017. However, expenses for things like health care for your child may be deductible, dependent on a variety of factors laid out in the Federal and State Tax Code. Before you deduct, always check with a tax specialist!

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