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Placer County Divorce Attorney

Placer County Divorce Attorney

Placer County (Roseville, Loomis, Rocklin, Etc) Divorce and Family Law Attorney

The Placer County Superior Court for the Roseville area is located at 10820 Justice Center Dr, Roseville, CA 95678. It handles all family law issues in Placer County for the nearby area. That is a lot of cases, but the Court only has three judges dedicated to the day to day matters related to family law. The daily cases are heard primarily in Department 40 and Department 41. Department 40 hears child support cases. Department 41 hears all family law matters, including support.

The interesting thing about Placer County is that two Judges share Department 41. One week, one Judge will be in Department 41, while the other Judge will be in the old historic Courthouse in Auburn in Department 2. The next week, they switch. This can be confusing, so when you have a Court date, check both your papers you get from the Court and the Court’s website to make sure you go to the right courthouse.

The Auburn courthouse is located at 101 Maple St, Auburn, CA 95603. It is a beautiful and historic courthouse. Parking is limited but it is free around the courthouse.

Parking is very relatively easy at the Justice Center Drive Court house. It is also free.

If child custody is in dispute, you will go to mediation with a mediator. The mediators in Placer County are usually private Marriage and Family Therapists who take mediation cases on contract. They have their own private offices. Mediators are not usually at the Courthouse. Once you are assigned to a mediator, you will have to go to the mediator’s office.

If the parties cannot come to an agreement with the mediator, that mediator will make recommendations to the Court. Some counties allow for attorneys to draft input letters to the mediator. Placer County follows this practice, but it depends on the mediator and what their individual rules are. If you have an attorney, your attorney should contact the assigned mediator and determine what they will accept.

If your case has been set for trial, your trial will most likely be held at the Historic Auburn Courthouse. However, the Judge may order you to have your trial at another time in department 41.

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