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Sacramento County Divorce Attorney

Sacramento County Divorce Attorney

Sacramento County (Folsom, Greater Sacramento, CA) Divorce and Family Law Attorney

The Sacramento County Superior Court family law division is one of the busiest Courts in Northern California. It handles all family law issues in Sacramento County. That is a lot of divorces, so the Court has at least seven judges and Courtrooms dedicated to the day to day matters related to family law.

In Sacramento County, the main family law Courthouse is located at 3341 Power Inn Rd, Sacramento, CA 95826. You will be charged for parking at the Courthouse and parking is difficult and somewhat limited. Get to Court early to make sure that you have time to find a spot to part and pay for the parking.

As the Court presently operates, your case will be assigned to a specific Courtroom for the duration of your case. Judges will come and go over the years, but your case will be assigned to a specific Courtroom. Presently the Court assigns your case to a Courtroom by the last two numbers of your case.

If child custody is in dispute, you will go to mediation with a mediator. If the parties cannot come to an agreement with the mediator, that mediator will make recommendations to the Court. Some counties allow for attorneys to draft input letters to the mediator. Sacramento County follows this practice. If you have an attorney, your attorney may submit a one page letter and ten additional pages attached to that one page letter.

If your case has been set for trial, where your trial will be held depends entirely on how long your trial is set to last for. If your trial is for one or two days, it will most likely be held at the Power Road Inn courthouse. If your trial is more than two days, you may be assigned to a courtroom in downtown Sacramento.

If you file a domestic violence restraining order, you may be assigned temporarily to one judge. However, as your case progresses, you may be assigned to another judge.

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