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The Law Office of Sean Musgrove fights to makes their client’s lives better in the area of family law. That is our promise to all of our clients because we know the quality of life is important. A good quality of life leads to happiness that is healthy and sustainable. The following are some general concepts that will help you understand what family law is.

Family law? What does that mean?

Family law covers a wide area of law. It covers custody and visitation of children. It covers support, both child support and spousal support. It covers the decision of marital property. It also covers the area of domestic violence, whether the parties are married or just living together.

What steps do I have to take to get a divorce?

To obtain a divorce, there are four mandatory steps that you must take before you become single again.

  • First, you must file the law suit which opens up your divorce case.
  • Second, you must serve the other person with the divorce papers.
  • Third, you must do your financial disclosures. This means that you must list all of your income and all of your expenses. You must also list all of your assets and all of your debts.
  • Fourth, you must get a judgment from the Court.

All of these steps need to be done carefully. Although they seem simple, simple mistakes can have costly ramifications years later.

Why do I need to hire an attorney?

Consider the person who divorced, worked for fifteen years, and then retired. After retiring, the person was drug into Court because some of that person’s pensions was not properly divided. What were the costs? A lot of attorney’s fees and 20% of their pension. It is better to be pennywise than pound foolish. Hire an attorney to avoid costly mistakes years later.

Why hire the Law Office of Sean Musgrove?

By hiring the Law Office of Sean Musgrove, you are hiring a legal team that can get started on your case right away. The attorneys, paralegals, and support staff all work together to start getting your case prepared for Court. We work fast, quick, cost effectively, and with a high standard of quality.

What do I have to watch out for, after I file for Divorce?

Each case is different, yet the same laws are applied to each situation. So specific advice cannot be given as to what you should watch out for after divorce is filed. However, there are some general Court orders that are automatically issued that must always carefully considered when going through a divorce. These general orders are called Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (a.k.a. ATROS) that must be complied with.

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